The museum has 30 people volunteering as docents and staff. Many but not all of them are military veterans.

Each new docent is issued a uniform made up of a blue Museum shirt and an ID card on a lanyard. They spend several hours with experienced docents to learn about the museum and the various exhibits. All docents work under the direction of the docent coordinator who arranges duty schedules.

If you are interested in becoming a museum docent call us (805) 543-1763 or contact us. Our docent coordinator will contact you for an appointment.

  • Museum Board


Bart Topham


Bart Topham


Sandra McGregor


Sharon Belmont


Jim McConaghy

Docent Coordinator

Don Mueller

Member-at-Large/Veterans History Project

Pete Bayer

Member-at-Large/ Museum Photographer

Steve David

Marketing Director

Dan Pittaway

Communications Director

Sarah Twisselman

  • Staff

Assistant Curator

Dennis Enos

Assistant to the Archivist


Web Master

Ted Kapner

Computer Specialist, Veterans History Project

Marilyn McCarty

  • Docents
  • Chuck Belmont
  • Kaelyn Bremmer
  • Bill Crewe
  • Chloe Cushing
  • Steve David
  • Steve Gonzalez
  • Lynne Higgins
  • Jerry Kaufman
  • Bill Long
  • Joe Long
  • Jeff Massingham
  • John Molinari
  • Chuck Moorman
  • Don Mueller
  • Dan Paves
  • Dan Pittaway
  • Paul Provence
  • Ken Regopoulas
  • John Saurwein
  •  Cynthia “Cid” Tenpas
  • Tim Tyron
  • Kasey Watson
  • Additional Volunteers

Cal Poly SLO Intern

Grant Kolassa
Robertson Rice

We are always looking to fill various volunteer positions. Please call us or contact us or call (805) 543-1763