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Veteran Spotlight: Janice Somers U.S. Navy

Veteran Spotlight Janice Somers

Today we spotlight Central Coast Veteran Janice Somers.

Janice Somers is a Vietnam Era Veteran, who served in the U.S. Navy as a dental technician from 1968-1971. Throughout her service she worked in various locations across the United States, including dental school in San Diego. Her position as a dental tech is referred to today as a “Corpsman.”

Janice describes her pre-war self as “a reserved homebody.” She experienced a challenging upbringing with her father, a disabled Navy Veteran, passing when she was 15, motivating her to do something impactful with her life. Volunteering for the Navy was her first big experience making friends, trying new things, and advocating for a cause she believed in. Janice describes her experience working in the Navy as transformative and influential.

After she finished her service in 1971, Janice remained active in the field of dentistry working for local family dentists, utilizing skills learned from her work in the Navy. In total, Janice worked in dentistry for more than 15 years before her family relocated to the Central Coast in 1984. As Janet tells it, life in the Navy was rough sometimes but she enjoyed every minute of it. Through her experiences, Janice has gained a better sense of giving back, a greater patriotic pride for her country, and valuable life skills she can teach her sons.

As a female veteran, Janice often experiences discrimination or rejection of the validity of her service. Through her work with the American Legion Post #66 in San Luis Obispo, youth volunteer organizations, and government summer programs, she is actively working to change that stigma. It is her hope to create a future for today’s youth that encourages community service and perpetuates feelings of patriotism and selflessness for the purposes of bettering our country and ourselves.

Thank you for your service!