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Veteran Spotlight: Kevin Jones United States Navy

December 2022

Today we are spotlighting Kevin Jones, who served in the US Navy from 1985-1991 as an Electronics Warfare Technician EW2 (SW), aboard the USS Saratoga CV-60.

During Kevin’s service he was involved with Libyan Operations, Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Strom.

When reflecting on his service, he shared that the many learning opportunities and life experiences he encountered during life at sea, were amazing experiences which few ever get the opportunity do. He earned his ESWS title, which means Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist on an aircraft carrier. To do so, he learned every job and aspect of running the ship, from working on the bridge, navigation, to the boiler and diesel engine rooms to everything in between including flight operations and catapulting fighter jets off the deck.

As told by Kevin, “Some people in the Navy joke that NAVY stands for ‘Never Again Volunteer Yourself’ but I learned that being a volunteer and giving back is one of the greatest things we can do in life.”

He is currently a SLO County resident and has been working in Real Estate for over 30 years, with 21 years as a broker. Kevin says his experience serving in the Navy helped him establish a mindset, discipline and foundation that would be the basis of all further success.

Thank you for your service!